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Ban Sakhla

Ban Sakhla

This is a google satellite image for Phra Samut Chedi district in Samut Prakan. The focus here is for Sakhla Village (บ้านสาขลา). As you can see, the majority of the Western side of the Chao Phraya River is a rural area, with many shrimp and fish farms. There are very few roads though some progress has been made on this in recent years. Sakhla now has a bridge over Sapphasamit Canal (4) which means you can now access from two different directions. Also marked are Ban Khun Samut Chin (2), Phra Chulachomklao Fort (3) and Paknam Market (5). You can actually take a boat from Paknam to Sakhla (see my blog here), but it doesn’t go often. Also visit Thailand Photo Map for a day trip that I did with some friends.

Sakhla Fishing Village - บ้านสาขลา

This is a closer image of Ban Sakhla. I have marked Wat Sakhla (1) which is the main attraction in this fishing village. In the southeast corner of the temple complex, there is a small bridge (2) that leads to the riverside market. There is a pier near the temple (3) where you can rent boats to explore the area. They also have a daily boat service to Paknam from here. The songtaew buses to and from Phra Samut Chedi leave from near the 7-Eleven (4). It’s worth exploring this village though you will probably be the only foreigners there.

Here is a direct link to Ban Sakhla on Google Maps if you want to explore this area yourself.

Phra Samut Chedi

Phra Samut Chedi

Phra Samut Chedi Klang Nam means the temple in the middle of the river. Now it is on the left bank. There is an annual temple fair held on both sides of the river in October. It is believed to be one of the longest running fairs in Thailand.

Phra Samut Chedi

(1) Phra Samut Chedi
(2) Phra Samut Chedi Pier
(3) Samut Prakan Pier
(4) Bat Island
(5) Phi Sua Samut Fort
(6) Nakarat Fort
(7) Temple

You can reach Phra Samut Chedi from Paknam by catching a ferry from the pier (3) near Paknam Market. This costs about 2 baht depending on the time of day. There is as nice restaurant alongside the river between the pier and Phra Samut Chedi. A good place to drink a glass of beer and watch the passenger boats pass by. Below are some pictures that I took crossing the river by boat.

Crocodile Farm

Crocodile Farm

The biggest crocodile farm in Thailand is here in Samut Prakan Province.

(1) Entrance to Crocodile Farm
(2) Crocodile Pens and Nursery
(3) Elephant Show
(4) Boating Lake
(5) Crocodile Wrestling Show

Crocodile Farm

The easiest way to visit the Crocodile Farm is by songtaew from Paknam City. Look out for the number 30 or 36 which will both go past the top of the soi (A) for the Crocodile Farm. This has a flat rate of only 8 baht per person. Coming from Paknam, it will only take about 10 minutes. Look out for the Big C hypermarket on your right. A short while later (1,000 metres) you will come to a traffic light where Bus 145 turns right to the terminal (D). From the intersection it is only a further 430 metres to where you will need to get off.  It is easy to spot the entrance because there is a massive sign at the entrance to this soi with a man lying down on top of a crocodile. At the top of the soi you can catch a motorcycle taxi to the Crocodile Farm (B) for about 15 baht. The distance is about 1.2 kilometres.

More information and pictures: Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo

Taiban Circle

Taiban Circle

This stretch of the river front covers about 700 metres. North is to the left of the picture.

(1) Fishing Jetty
(2) Night Food Market
(3) Chinese Temple
(4) Taiban Circle
(5) Paknam Canal
(6) Pika Fort

Paknam Market

Paknam Market

Showing the area around Paknam Market. North is to the left of the picture.

(1) Provincial Courthouse
(2) Samut Prakan Police Station
(3) Wat Pichai
(4) Wat Pichai School
(5) Fisheries Department

(6) Crossriver Pier
(7) Paknam Market
(8) City Pillar
(9) Racha Night Food Market
(10) Fishing Jetty

This is basically the city center for Paknam. The two roads at the top and bottom of this pictures are the main shopping streets. The city has a one way system. You enter the city on the top road which passes Wat Pichai and the City Pillar. This then goes as far as Taiban circle where you can return on the bottom road which passes the fishing jetty and the market. You will find many bus stops along the road between the Fisheries Department and the Courthouse.

Samut Prakan City Hall

City Hall

This is a closer view of Samut Prakan City showing the area around City Hall.  The distance is about 600 metres.

(1) College
(2) Customs Station
(3) Immigration and Paknam Post Office
(4) Samut Prakan City Office (Tetsaban Muang)
(5) Samut Prakan District Office (Amphoe Muang)
(6) Provincial City Hall
(7) Thai Chamber of Samut Prakan
(8) Meeting Hall

(9) Promenade
(10) Governor’s Residence
(11) Courthouse
(12) Police Station
(13) Revenue Office
(14) City Library
(15) Revenue Office

The promenade along the river (9) is a popular location during the late afternoon and evening. A good place to enjoy the evening breeze off the river. There are a few mobile vendors but no restaurants to sit and eat. The area has recently been renovated and the bank extended about ten meters towards the river. The car parking area is often used in the evenings for football and aerobic exercise. There is fitness equipment on the promenade and quite a few people use this and also jog up and down this short stretch. It is as shame you cannot walk along the river towards the market. In Phra Pradaeng they have done a much better job with their waterfront.

Samut Prakan City


This is an overview of Paknam City. The picture has been swung around 90 degrees so that north is to the left. This takes you along the waterfront from  City Hall to Taiban Circle. Sukhumwit Road comes in from the left and turns left at the traffic lights to bypass the city. The distance from this intersection to Taiban Circle is about 1000 metres.

Samut Prakan Estuary


This Google Earth shot is a view of Samut Prakan with North and Bangkok to the left. It has also been tilted so that more can be seen.

  1. The latest tourist attraction for the city is Chang Erawan, the three-headed elephant
  2. Naval Museum on Sukhumwit Road. This is the road you take from Bangkok to the city.
  3. This is Phra Samut Chedi. A hundred years ago this temple used to be on an island in the middle of the river.
  4. This is another island in the middle of the river. This one has the Phi Sua Samut Fort.
  5. The city center is on the East Bank. The marked area is City Hall.
  6. Sukhumwit Road bypasses the city and then continues on its way to Chonburi and Pattaya.
  7. Off the Sukhumwit Road you will find the Ancient City.
  8. Bang Pu Seaside Resort Pier is a great place to go to enjoy the sea breeze and to feed the seagulls.
  9. About 10 minutes from the city is the Crocodile Farm. This has the largest captive crocodile in the world.
  10. On the West Bank near the river mouth is the navy dockyard.
  11. The entrance to the Chao Phraya River is protected by the Chulachomklao Fort.