Weather for Samut Prakan

Weather for Samut Prakan

December to February are the best months to visit as it is relatively cool and usually dry. April is the hottest month and September the peak of the wet season. The rainy season starts around May though we do get welcome thunder showers during March and April.


As you can see from the chart, the wet season starts in May and continues until early November. The wettest months are September and October. It doesn’t rain all day. Sometimes for only a couple of hours at a time. On many days it doesn’t rain until the evening. December to February are the best months to visit. March and April is relatively dry though they are also the hottest months.

Samut Prakan is hot all year round as you can see from the chart. The hottest month is April. The record maximum temperature was 41 Celsius between the months of February and May. This is Thailand’s hot season. The record lowest temperature was 11 Celsius in December. November to January is the Cool Season.

Month Minimum Temperature (°C) Maximum Temperature (°C) Amout of Rainfall (mm) Rainy day (day)
January 24.6 29.4 11.3 1
February 26.4 29.4 31.0 2
March 27.2 30.0 35.6 2
April 28.1 31.5 31.1 4
May 27.6 31.5 155.1 11
June 27.5 30.7 40.9 9
July 26.9 30.5 65.5 11
August 26.9 30.3 95.9 12
September 26.1 30.6 231.7 16
October 26.0 30.7 188.8 15
November 25.4 30.3 82.5 7
December 23.3 29.0 3.6 1
“-” = No Observation

Source: Thai Meteorological Department