Thamma Katanyu Foundation

Thamma Katanyu Foundation

LOCATION: Bang Pu Mai sub-district in Amphoe Mueang district
GPS Coordinates: 13.538899, 100.627816

Thamma Katanyu Foundation, built in 1991, covers 26.5 rai of land close to Ancient Siam. The design of the shrine is adapted from the Chinese art style Nan Kun Sern Tai Thian Fu Foundation in Taiwan. The roof of this great shrine is decorated with auspicious animal statues according to Chinese belief and lifestyle such as swans and dragons. The roof and eaves are covered with lacquer and gold leaf. The elgant Chinese imported jade-carved wall in the shrine feature Buddhist tales. The pillars of the shrine are also exquisitely carved. In front of the sacred shrine there are five gods: Cherng Huang Ye (City Pillar), Kuan Im, Chao Phra Khan Tha Ku Marn, Chao Phra Thammaban and Fu Ter Jern Sern (Paeh Kong).

Thamma Katanyu Foundation

The most popular backdrop for tourists to take photographs are the country’s biggest jade-carved lion statues. The jade was imported from China. The temple is also decorated with hundreds of smaller stone-carved lion statues and thousands of lamps. The shrine is open every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 02 323 3120 for more information.

Thamma Katanyu Foundation

Map for Thamma Katanyu Foundation:

To get there: From Paknam, take Songtaew 30 or 36. Look out for sign on the left for “Katanyu Foundation” just after Ancient Siam. Or you can take the skytrain to the Southern end of the Green Line at BTS Kheha and then change to songtaew for about ten minutes.


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    This is awesome! Thank you! I recently discovered this area and have been there three weekends in a row. I am an expat in Bangkok. Great escape!


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