What to See along the Skytrain in Samut Prakan

The Green Line extension into Samut Prakan opened to the public on 6th December 2018. These new nine stations opened up a new province to tourists, both locals and foreigners. Up to this time, Samut Prakan hardly saw any independent travelers. Where I live in Paknam, the provincial capital for Samut Prakan, I hardly saw any other Westerners on the streets. That situation has now changed as we are now seeing daytrippers. This free online guide has been designed to give you an idea of what you can see and eat along the Green Line extension in Samut Prakan province.

The BTS Bearing station is on the border between Bangkok and Samut Prakan province. The main place for this area is Imperial World Samrong. When I first arrived in Paknam, this used to be my local shopping mall. I often came the swimming pool complex on the roof. Then they opened Central Bang Na and Season Square. People stopped going and it shows. There is a famous Chinese Shrine nearby and I will do an update of this soon. So stay tuned.

The highlight for this section of the Green Line is The Erawan Museum. It is halfway between BTS Pu Chao (E16) and BTS Chang Erawan (E17). Another tourist attraction is the Naval Museum. This can be found at BTS Royal Thai Naval Academy (E18).  On the other side of the road, the Royal Thai Naval Academy can be visited during Children’s day on the second Saturday of January every year.

HIGHLIGHT: Coming from Bangkok, make sure you are looking out of the left-hand windows when you go between BTS Pu Chao and BTS Chang Erawan. The tracks go up and over the outer ring road and then on your left you will see the giant three-headed elephant that is the main feature of the Erawan Museum.

HOW TO VISIT THE ERAWAN MUSEUM: The first option is getting off at BTS Pu Chao. This is the more convenient option. From here it is a 12-minute walk to the museum. Alternatively, jump on a motorcycle taxi at the top of Soi Sukhumvit 115 for 20 Baht or a songtaew for 8 Baht. If you want air-con comfort for the short trip, a meter taxi should be 35 Baht. Option Two is to pass the museum and get off at BTS Chang Erawan. Walking back is also 12 minutes. Unfortunately, you are on the wrong side for public transport. A motorcycle taxi driver said it would be about 30 Baht via some side roads.


Take a train to BTS Royal Thai Naval Academy and use Exit One. The museum is right there. It is free to enter and is open every day from 9am-3:30pm. On the front lawn, there is an amphibious aircraft and the conning tower of a submarine. There is a nice view looking down on the front lawn from the station platform.