1860’s – Bangkok Calendar

“Bangkok Calendar for 1862”

Distances on Bangkok River

Table of distances from the anchorage to the South of the Bar of “Menam Chow Phya” or Bangkok river, to diverse points and localities between the same and the Fort on the northern entrance of Klawng Koot Mei; according to the Survey of H. B. M. S. Saracen, under the command of Mr. John Richards R. N.

The nautical mile has been taken at the rate of 6020 feet English, equal to 1003 fathoms. The distances are given in miles and tenths of a mile.

From the anchorage of ”sea going vessels” during the South Western Monsoon to the Southern edge of the Bar, ……….. 2.0 miles
(During the North Eastern Monsoon the anchorage is further to the east, distant about 3 miles from the bar.)
Distance across the Bar, …….. 0.6 miles
From the northern edge of the Bar to the Fishing stakes, ……. 1.1 miles
Ditto to the Red House, following the course indicated in the Chart, ……. 4.0 miles
Distance made from the anchorage, ……… 7.7 miles
From the Red House to Paknam, ……….. 2.3 miles
From Paknam to lower Paklat (Paklat Lang) ……… 5.0 miles
From lower Paklat following the course of the river, …….. 9.4 miles
viz. to the lower outlet of the old canal, ………. 0.9 miles
from thence to Burmese village ………. . 1.8 miles
from thence to upper entrance of the old canal, …….. 5.5 miles
from thence to upper Paklat (Paklat Bon), ……… 1.2 miles
Distance made from anchorage to upper Paklat ……. 24.9 miles

The distance between Paklat Lang and Paklat Bon, following the Canal for boats, is only 1.8 miles, and by the old canal, from outlet to entrance, 9 tenths of a mile. The latter communication can only be used (even for boats) about the time of high water.

From Paklat Bon or upper Paklat, to the Presbyterian Mission, ….. 8.3 miles
Distance made from the anchorage, ………. 28.2 miles

On the left bank of the river, nearly opposite the Presbyterian Mission, is the United States Consulate; and a little further on, the Dock of Mr. Maclean.

From the Presbyterian Mission to the Protestant Cemetery, …….. 0.5 miles
From thence to K’awk k’wai, the situation of the Hanseatic Consulate & Borneo Co. Limited ……… 0.6 miles
From thence to the R.C. Cathedral and the Residence of the Bishop ….. 0.6 miles
From thence to the lower entrance of K’lawng K’oot Mei, …….. 0.2 miles
Distance made from the anchorage, ………. 30.1 miles

Within the latter distance, namely, from the R.C. Cathedral to K’lawng K’oot Mei, are situated, following the river upward on its left bank, the Establishment of Remi Schmidt & Co. & the present residence of the French Consul, (formerly the Custom House). Somewhat higher up the river, the British, and the Portuguese Consulates, with the American Baptist Mission in the rear. The building now occupied as Custom house, is a little to the north of the Portuguese Consulate, on the Southern bank of K’lawng K’oot Mei. On the northern bank of the Canal is the Danish Consulate; and a little above it, the Portuguese K. C. Church.

From K’lawng K’oot Mei to the R.C. Church of Santa Cruz (on the right bank of the river), …… 1.5 miles
From thence to K’lawng Bang Looang, …….. 0.4 miles

On the northern bank, close to the entrance of this canal, is situated the Mission of the American Missionary Association.

From K’lawng Bang Looang to the first King’s Palace (on the left bank of the river, …. 0.5 miles
Distance made from the anchorage, ……… 32.5 miles
From thence to the second King’s Palace. ……… 0.5 miles
From thence to the northern entrance of K’lawng K’oot Mei …… 1.0 miles

The whole distance, from the anchorage, during the S.W. Monsoon, to the northern entrance of K’lawng K’oot Mei, is, following the river’s course, ( Nautical miles,) ….. 54.0 miles

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