Red Cloth Ceremony

Today saw the start of the 182nd Phra Samut Chedi Temple Fair in Samut Prakan. This takes place every year five days after the full moon in October. It goes on for twelve days and twelve nights and includes mandy sideshow games as well as a lot of really delicious food. The event started today with a parade of the sacred red cloth through the towns of Samut Prakan and Phra Pradaeng. The red cloth was then brought to Phra Samut Chedi to be wrapped around the pagoda.

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At the head of the parade holding the cloth was Mr. Cherdsak Choosri, the Governor of Samut Prakan, the District Chief of Phra Samut Chedi and many other government officials. I am not sure how long the cloth is but there wasn’t much room for anyone else. People believe they can gain great merit if they can grab hold of the red cloth. But, you can also gain merit if you are holding onto someone else that is touching the cloth. Like any other temple procession, they went around the temple three times in a clockwise direction. The procession was led by a marching band and one complete circuit of the chedi took them about eight minutes.

Once the procession was finished, the red cloth was carefully handed over to members of the Rungjaeng family. For over a hundred years, this family has been responsible for making the red cloth. They are also the only people allowed to wrap the cloth around the pagoda. The red cloth is quite large and must weigh a lot. If it wasn’t for their skill, then surely a crane would be needed to hoist it to the top. But, they went up, barefoot and with no harnesses, to the very top carrying the red cloth. They made it all look very easy. Down below, female members of the family called out to them to take it easy and not to fall down. They didn’t seemed concerned at all at how high they were. They worked quickly and amazingly it only took them about 30 minutes to finish.

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