Candle Boat Parade at Bang Phli

On 24th July 2010, Mr. Surachai Kanasa, the Governor of Samut Prakan, together with the Mayor of Bang Phli municipality, Mr. Pongpat Chongpakdee, led local people in boats along Samrong Canal to present candles to two local temples. The candles were to mark the start of Khao Phansa, the Buddhist Rains Retreat. The procession along the canal first went to Wat Bang Phli Yai Klang and then went to Wat Bang Yai Nai.
Bang Phli Municipal Mayor’s speech: On behalf of the organising committees, I, Mr. Pongpat Chongpakdee, as Bang Phli Municipal Mayor would like to thank the governor to be a chairman of this opening ceremony on Bang Phli Traditional Candle procession by boat in the year 2010. Today is an important day of the Buddhist Lent, every Buddhist comes to make merit and observe the rules of conducts and also to bring candles to the temple and offer to the monks. It is a spiritual act to think about the teaching of Lord Buddha. Bang Phli’s municipality has the responsibility to look after the welfare of the communities. The Traditional Candle procession by boat is one of the important projects which have the objectives as follows:

1. To promote the local culture and preserve it for our next generation.
2. To create awareness among the youth on Thai culture.
3. To have the reflection on the teaching of the Lord Buddha.
4. To promote and conserve the Buddhist religion.

Governor’s speech: It is my honour and pleasure to be the chairman in this opening ceremony for Bang Phli Traditional Candle procession by boat in the year 2010. In this occasion, the organising committee has the important objectives in order to conserve and promote art and culture for our Thai traditional way of life to be with us forever. It is one of the channels to enhance the local arts and culture and it will reflect on the people who live along Samrong canal. This will lead to having more tourists to come and visit us. I have learned that this event has been well organized by the concerned parties which are including both government and non-governmental organisations and most important of all are the people here themselves. I would like to thank the individual and different agencies for making this event possible and I hope that you will have good health and prosperity in your life. And now it is the right time for me to declare the opening of this event.

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