Transportation to and from Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan Province is to the south of Bangkok. It is split by the Chao Phraya River. Phra Pradaeng is mainly on the Western side of the river and is best approached from the Thonburi side of Bangkok via Suksawat Road. Samut Prakan City borders the Gulf of Thailand. So, most people enter the city from Bangkok in the north via either Sukhumwit Road or Srinakakrin Road. If you are coming up from Chonburi or Pattaya, you can either travel on the old Sukhumwit Road or the faster Bang-Na Trad Highway. The Outer Ring Road (Kanchanapisek) cuts through Samut Prakan. So, if you live in places like Suphan Buri and Ayutthaya, you can use this way to get to the city very quickly.


  • Public Buses to and from Samut Prakan -The city is well served with buses from Bangkok with some running all day and night
  • Private Buses to and from Samut Prakan – there are many private buses but few have numbers or destinations written in English
  • BTS Sky Train to Samut Prakan – at present the Sky Tran goes as far as Soi Bearing. It will probably be another five years before it goes all the way to Samut Prakan City.
  • Taking a Taxi– the meter starts at 35 baht.From Bangkok it should cost about 200-250 baht and take less than 90 minutes. We sugget that you take the Sky Train to On Nut and then a taxi to Samut Prakan which will cost about 120 baht and take 45 minutes.
  • Transport to and from the Airport – you can go by either taxi or public buses
  • Getting around Samut Prakan City – local transport is cheap and goes to most places around the city


TRANSPORT FROM BANGKOK– Here are the easiest ways to go to Samut Prakan City. Please note, on most buses they say “Paknam” instead of “Samut Prakan”.

  • Taxis– The easiest method if you want to go from door to door. However, some taxi drivers might not want to go all the way and might try to charge you a set fee. On the meter it won’t be much more than 250 baht. Some people have paid 1,000 baht for set fee.
  • Sky Train– You can go as far as On Nut and then go the rest of the way by either taxi or bus
  • Public buses– From Bangkok the main buses are 25, 102, 142, 145, 507 (joint private), 508 and 511.


  • The Erawan Museum– Buses coming from Bangkok on Sukhumwit Road will pass the giant three headed elephant. These include bus numbers 25, 102, 142, 507, 508 and 511.
  • The Crocodile Farm–  Bus numbers 508, 511, 536, 102 and 142 all terminate next to the Crocodile Farm.
  • The Ancient Siam– You need to catch a bus to Samut Prakan City (Paknam) and then change to local songtaew numbers 30 or 36.

INTER PROVINCE – If you are in Samut Prakan, either living or as a tourist, then here is some quick information on how to get to other parts of Thailand.

  • Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit 2)for destinations in the north and northeast of Thailand– The easiest way to go here is by public bus Number 145. You will also find minivans going here from various places around town.
  • Eastern Bus Terminal(Ekkamai)for destinations such as Pattaya and Rayong– You can go here by public bus Numbers 511, 25, 508 and 507. Some of these buses have an express service that goes into Bangkok on the expressway. Usually they have a yellow sign in the front window if they are “express”. There is also a sky train stop at Ekkamai.
  • Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) for destinations such as Kanchanaburi to the West and Hua Hin, Koh Samui and Phuket to the south-You can take public bus numbers 507 or 511 which terminate here. It is also fine to take the “express” service. It will probably take on average 90 minutes.


  • If you leave the airport by taxi you need to pay a surcharge of 50 baht and the fare on the meter. Make sure he turns it on and doesn’t chrage you a flat fee. It shouldn’t cost you more than 250 baht.
  • There are two public buses to and from the airport. These are 552A and 553. From the airport you catch a free shuttle service to the bus terminal which takes about five minutes. Bus number 552A goes to Samut Prakan via Samrong and terminates at Sailuad Bus Station. Bus number 553 goes to Samut Prakan via Srinakarin Road and terminates at Paknam Bus Station (next to Crocodile Farm). They have full size buses and also minivans operating this route.

BUS TERMINALS IN SAMUT PRAKAN – There are three bus stations in the city though you don’t need to go there to catch your bus

  • Paknam Depot (next to Crocodile Farm)– The main buses are 508, 511, 536, 102 and 142.
  • Sailuad Depot (on Sailuad Road)– The main buses are Number 145 These buses also visit Numbers 102
  • Prakasa Depot (on Prakasa Road)– The main buses are 25