Phra Samut Chedi in Samut Prakan
Phra Samut Chedi (พระสมุทรเจดีย์)

Samut Prakan Province (จังหวัดสมุทรปราการ) is at the far end of the Chao Phraya River, where it empties out into the Gulf of Thailand. The borders to the north and west join the Metropolitan of Bangkok. This web site concentrates mainly on Paknam where I live, but there is also information about tourist attractions and festivals around the province. We don’t get many independent foreign tourists so this is actually a good place to experience “Unseen Thailand”. We are close enough to Bangkok for people to come for a day trip. This website is my way of giving back to the community that I’ve made my home for so many years. It’s a “labor of love” as you will find no advertising here.

– Richard Barrow, Travel Blogger and Teacher in Paknam, Samut Prakan for 22 years

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TOP FESTIVALS AND EVENTS in SAMUT PRAKAN ประเพณีจังหวัดสมุทรปราการ

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Samut Prakan is divided into six districts (Amphoe). The districts are further subdivided into 50 sub-districts (tambon) and 405 villages (moo-ban). These six districts are: Amphoe Mueang, Amphoe Bang Bo, Amphoe Bang Phli, Amphoe Phra Pradaeng, Amphoe Phra Samut Chedi and Amphoe Bang Sao Thong.

Every province in Thailand has a motto that shows its strengths and history. For Samut Prakan it is: “The Naval Battle Memorial Fort, Holy Phra Chedi Klang Nam, Massiv Crocodile Farm, Exciting Ancient Siam, Phra Pradaeng Songkran Festival, Tasty Dried Salit Fish, Rub Bua Traditional Festival and Emerging Industrial Estate. The Province Flower is marigold and the Province Tree is Portia Tree. The Samut Prakan emblem shows the Phra Samut Chedi pagoda and ubosot”.

The Erawan Museum
The Erawan Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์ช้างเอราวัณ)

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